Desert Trail Agriates and beaches: Saleccia - Malfalco - Loto - Ghignu

The rental of a 4x4 will allow you to go on the tracks that lead to Desert Agriates located between Saint Florent and Balagne where you can admire the magical landscapes, the maquis as far as the eye can see, the mountain, with, in the distance Gulf of St Florent. Nothing comes to ruin the view: the houses can be counted on the fingers of one hand !!!

After crossing this desert you will arrive on these two beautiful beaches that are Saleccia and Lodu. Lovers of beautiful beaches of white sands and turquoise waters will be delighted. The change of scenery is at the rendezvous.


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Tour of Cap Corse

We also offer other hikes including the cape Corsica, a long and beautiful ride in the mountains with its magnificent views and picturesque villages on the water's edge, its fishing ports like the one of Centuri famous for its lobster and seafood, not to mention the heavenly beaches that line the entire Corsican Cape.


Tour of Balagne

Another beautiful region to discover in 4x4, from St Florent, crossing the Agriates desert, then discovering Ile Rousse, Calvi, Punta de la Revellata. Why not continue to Girolata and Porto, two jewels in a natural wilderness, in the heart of the Regional Natural Park of Corsica.